01 Jun 2011

A desert city, a dust bowl, eternally shrouded in mist and that is Lima, one may think. But Lima is more than this. Musicians and actors are found all over in Lima and the rest of Peru. Everywhere we went from Lima to Macchu Picchu, music followed us, wafted beneath our noses like a lingering fragrance …Felipe and I are touring Peru. Following the successful production of Our Man in Beijing in Melbourne, we took off on a 3 month tour to refresh our souls, to rejuvenate our minds for fresh performances. Felipe busked in his usual way and i danced but these days the dances seem to occur more in my mind than body!

The ACT will go to Beijing next September for the Beijing Fringe Festival and my mind is ticking away on how to raise the money for the cast and crew of Our Man ….perhaps a concert? ah well, we will wait and see if our grants applications are successful…being a producer is a full time job…the mind never stops planning how to get some funds.

About the Author

Concerned that so few Chinese are performing artists and when they are, there is little opportunity for them to show case their talents . I created the ACT, the Australasian Chinese Theatre Company. The ACT’s inaugural production was From Little Things….devised, designed and written by Aurora Kurth and produced by Moni Storz in 2008. This was followed by Tegan Jones in Blues in the NIght. I wrote and produced Our Man in Beijing, my first inter cultural play and this was performed in 2011.

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