10 Sep 2012

Last Show Our Man in Beijing in La Mama – The Author has the Last Word

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Last night was our last show at La Mama and needless to say it was the best ever. A full house, actors well versed in every line, every gesture and in sync with each other. The crew was smooth, slid in and out of the stage changing props. As author I am amazed anew, like a child with a new toy every night. To blend what I see as Chinese culture with Australian culture, a fusion that is entertaining and theatrical is a sociologically creative challenge. Especially since many have debated these two questions: what is Chinese culture and what is Australian culture? Both questions are defiantly indefinable. In Our Man in Beijing, as an intercultural play, Chinese and white Anglo cultural elements are revealed. But what of Aboriginal Australians? Are they not Australians?

About the Author

Concerned that so few Chinese are performing artists and when they are, there is little opportunity for them to show case their talents . I created the ACT, the Australasian Chinese Theatre Company. The ACT’s inaugural production was From Little Things….devised, designed and written by Aurora Kurth and produced by Moni Storz in 2008. This was followed by Tegan Jones in Blues in the NIght. I wrote and produced Our Man in Beijing, my first inter cultural play and this was performed in 2011.

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